Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No mercy for the tortured male!

Captive MalesHey, dudes, if you are into femdom and cum from seeing males humiliated and tortured take a look at this video : CAPTIVE MALE Free Video. Mistress Berlin plays with her male slave bitch boy!. not kidding. I say, decent stuff ;) I cannot say that I am deep into femdom, and that I am a frequent visitor at such sites, but when I come across something neat and hot I always watch it. You know if a site is maintained by professionals, whatever the niche is the content looks appealing and decent. So.. the Captive Male free video… looks great, my word! What is left to the sub is to find strength and withstand the abuse and pain.. The Mistress gives him no quarter and tortures his body with cattle prod and flogger, cane and nipple clamps.. he is face fucked, strapon fucked and humiliated. The only thing that I missed is straight fuck… and you know it could be a hot final of the set. Btw there is a review of the site so if you want to get detail – you may follow the link CAPTIVE MALE Review. Hardcore feminine domination over humble and depraved males !.

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